The Broad Street Practice started as an osteopathic clinic and over the years has expanded to include numerous other healthcare disciplines – acupuncture, sports and therapeutic massage, nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, counselling, art therapy, skin camouflage services and more……

With the opening of our annexe next door in 22 Broad Street, we now boast a suite of 8 treatment rooms, a small counselling/talking therapy room tucked away under the attic eaves, and a stunning 32sqm oak-floored studio. 

The extra capacity has given us scope to expand our services even further.  We are welcoming new practitioners and introducing new treatments to the practice as well as offering a number of classes and events in our new studio…..

The following is a summary of what is new (all headings are hotlinks through to further information) – and there’s more in the pipeline!

HYPNOTHERAPY –  We are delighted to announce that, after quite a few years without a Hypnotherapist, Victoria Maskell has joined the Practice.  Victoria is available for appointments every Monday evening 4-7 and every other Saturday morning 9-1. You can read all about Victoria’s background, training, how she works and what she can treat by browsing her website

SPEECH THERAPY – It’s great to also be introducing Rebecca Ford, Independent Speech and Language Therapist. Rebecca brings to the practice 18 years of experience in Speech & Language Therapy.  Appointments will be available on Friday mornings and alternate Saturday mornings.

PHYSIOTHERAPY – At the end of January we are excited to be being joined by Sarah Babbs, a well known and hugely experienced local Physiotherapist – with 27 years of clinical practice under her belt. Appointments with Sarah will be available on Monday afternoons/evenings and all day Tuesdays and Fridays.



All our classes will be small groups (generally max of 8), facilitating close individual attention and supervision and will offer the highest level of teaching for students, young and old(er!), beginners to advanced, couch potatoes to sporting superstars!

  • THERAPEUTIC YOGA with Julie Halliday – Julie is offering therapeutic yoga classes on Monday afternoons/evenings and Thursday mornings – classes address the strength, stability, flexibility and resilience of the whole body, and each class has a focus towards particular areas or problems such as hypermobility, stiffness, necks shoulders & upper backs, low back hips & knees.
  • PILATES CLASSES with Carla van Tra (Tuesday mornings) and Vickie Pauley (Thursday evenings) – Mat-based Pilates classes for all abilities. Promoting a balanced body, toned shape, improved posture and increased mobility and flexibility. Increased strength and endurance, improved balance and co-ordination, all without producing over developed muscles.
  • PILATES MAINLY FOR MEN with Andy Henson – Saturday morning – Pilates was initially introduced by Joseph Pilates as a strength and flexibility regime for men, but it has increasingly been practised by women.  We are trying to redress this and offering an accessible Saturday morning class run by a man, aimed at men. Ladies are welcome of course, but prepared to be outnumbered!
  • EXERCISE REHABILITATION CLASSES with Glyn Davys – Follow an individually tailored rehabilitation programme to restore function, strength and flexibility after recovery from surgery or injury, or to strengthen and support a known weak area of the body. Get back to sporting function and every day activities. Mixed classes on Wednesday evenings – after a 1-2-1 assessment.
  • TAI CHI with Ray Pawlett – Friday afternoons.  This one and a half hour long class will be a great way to find stillness and calm at the end of a hectic week!



  • PELVIC FLOOR RESTORE with Carla van Traa– a 4 week course of proven efficacy, using Pilates-based exercises to improve pelvic floor function and overcome stress incontinence in women – Tuesday mornings
  • FALL PREVENTION PROGRAMME with Vickie Pauley – The 4-week Otago programme was developed in New Zealand and is a specialised, proven programme of balance and strengthening exercises for older and frail adults which helps to prevent or reduce the risk of trips and falls. Classes on a Thursday afternoons – with regular home practice required!
  • BREASTFEEDING CONSULTANCY & TONGUE-TIE CLINIC with Amanda Smith is a paediatric intensive care nurse and Victoria Leith a trained midwife. Both are qualified IBCLC breast feeding consultants, experts in infant feeding and qualified tongue- &tie practitioners. Their clinic will operate alongside a Drop-in breastfeeding group in the studio – Wednesday afternoons 1-4




Make a real difference to your future, for this year and beyond.  come along and find out what a Visionboard is, how and why they work and why you should be using one to help you achieve your goals and dreams! With Victoria Maskell our hypnotherapist.

See for details and to order your tickets.

Tuesday 26th February 6.30-8pm. Tickets £12.


In the pipeline……..details to be confirmed.  Contact us to register your interest.


Saturday 18th May 2-5pm



Saturday 1st June



If you or an acquaintance, work colleague or business contact has need for a room for a meeting, somewhere to run a conference, workshop or course, please give consideration to our stunning Studio. Likewise, we welcome approaches from like-minded, experienced healthcare practitioners to run clinics and classes.  Please get in touch!


The Broad Street Practice

Quality healthcare in the heart of Stamford

ESTABLISHED 22 years ago, in June 1996, by husband and wife osteopaths, Perry Westbrook & Anthea Bentley and having registered well over 14,000 patients, we are a practice committed to providing excellence in complementary healthcare.

PROFESSIONAL and highly qualified, our experienced team of independent practitioners will adapt treatment to suit patients of all ages and most states of health. All practitioners are insured and registered with their relevant governing bodies. We work closely with NHS services and private health providers and our fees may be recoverable from many health insurance schemes (please check with your provider).

OUR COLLABORATION of like-minded practitioners constitute an extraordinary coming together of talent and experience in complementary and more conventional healthcare disciplines. 90% of our patients arrive at our door through word of mouth recommendation; sent by friends, work colleagues and other healthcare professionals – many of whom are our patients themselves.

APPOINTMENTS are available from Monday through to Saturday, with some early morning and late evening appointments, we endeavour to keep some short notice appointments available for urgent cases. We have a fully staffed reception, an ‘out of hours’ answer-phone and emergency contact telephone number. There is no need to obtain a referral to the practice from your GP – most of our patients self-refer. Choosing which might be the most suitable treatment option for you can often be confusing so please call the practice and a member of our knowledgeable reception team will try to help. Should your enquiry be more complex, they will try to arrange a free, informal chat with one of the practitioners.

IN THE HEART OF THE COMMUNITY the practice is easy to find in the middle of Stamford, on the corner of Broad Street and Star Lane. Our doors are open and our friendly staff are ready to welcome you and deal with your enquiry.  Call us on 01780 480889


Welcome to out website.  We hope you find it interesting and informative, and that it answers most of your questions.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improving the site.

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