Yoga for Stiff Joints & Tight Muscles

If you feel trapped and limited by the restricted movement in your joints…. If you struggle to sit down without support or can’t touch your toes… This class will help you!

Stiff joints & tight muscles often go hand in hand – tight muscles can pull on joints limiting their movement and stiff arthritic joints can cause the muscles around them to become tense and tight. This can often result in a reluctance to move because movement causes pain and discomfort.

These problems really do fall under the ‘use it or lose it’ rule. You need to work at improving and maintaining the movement and flexibility. Not lengthening tight muscles or mobilising stiff joints will mean that over time they become worse: the range of motion/movement decreases and the pain increases.

We will be working at getting core support throughout the body to help you to free up the joints and get your body moving.  We will help you understand how to maintain and gain more flexibility/mobility and ultimately helping you to move better and reduce the pain or become pain-free.