Yoga for people with Hypermobility

Healthy, strong, supported, mobile joints for pain-free, more stable, fluid movement in everything you do…..

Hypermobile people have instability in their joints and tend to drop/collapse into their joints.  Their joints tend to hyperextend and hyperflex (when joints move past the ‘normal’ range of motion of other people).

In many cases hypermobility becomes very painful and, if left it untreated, can and often does get worse.  People who have unstable joints often feel very tight in their muscles too, as they tense up to stop the joint from collapsing. Also hypermobility can leave people feeling tired and lacking in energy. Carrying a body around when the joints don’t have a lot of support is really hard work!

This class will help you both recover from any issues you may currently have as well keep you and your joints protected from injuries and future chronic pain. It will give you tools to understand how to build support and strength around the joints and to free up muscle tension that may be blocking your movement. This will help you to access your mobility in a controlled, safe way so your joints feel stronger & more stable and your muscles are tension & pain-free.