Breastfeeding Consultation and Tongue-tie Clinic

Lactation Consultation – Bespoke Breastfeeding/Infant Feeding Support

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) are healthcare professionals who specialise in the clinical management of breastfeeding and infant feeding support.

We can provide information and guidance for many of the concerns families may have with breastfeeding, from antenatal planning to positioning and attachment, painful feeding, engorgement, mastitis and thrush. We can assist in complex cases, such as premature and/or special needs babies, tongue tie, low supply, oversupply, feeding twins and multiples, special maternal or baby needs or any other feeding concern.  We are happy to support partially or fully bottle-fed babies too.

Our 1-2-1 sessions give you the time and space to fully discuss your concerns and make a plan to move forward.

  • Lactation Consultation – Bespoke Breastfeeding/Infant Feeding Support – 1hr 30 mins – £85



Tongue-tie Assessment & Frenulotomy 

Tongue Tie (ankyloglossia) is a concern when the lingual frenulum (a membrane present in 1 in 10 babies) reduces the normal function of the tongue.  This can impact on a baby’s ability to feed effectively and can cause pain for the breastfeeding parent.

Assessment includes review of history, symptoms, function of the tongue, feeding review and support. Please bring your baby’s “red book” and a large muslin or blanket to swaddle them for the procedure.​

We are able to divide the membrane (frenulotomy) where indicated. If a frenulotomy is performed, free telephone and e-mail support will be provided for up to six weeks afterwards.

  • Tongue-tie Assessment alone – 1hr 30 mins – £85
  • Tongue-tie Assessment with Frenulotomy – 1hr 30 mins – £180


Follow-up apppointment

If you would like 1-2-1 follow-up for feeding support or after frenulotomy, we are able to offer 1 hour follow-up appointments. In the rare instance that a second division of the lingual frenulum in indicated, this can be done at a follow-up appointment.

  • Follow-up – 1 hr – £50


Drop-in Feeding Support Group

Alongside the Lactation Consultation and Tongue Tie Clinic, there is a drop-in feeding support group, based in the studio at The Broad Street Practice and held on Wednesdays from 1-3pm – where families and babies can meet, share their experiences and give each other support.  You don’t need to have current feeding issues to attend, but it’s the perfect supportive environment if you do have concerns.

Families can attend from the antenatal period and throughout their feeding journey.  Those exclusively breastfeeding, exclusively breastmilk-feeding, mixed feeding or transitioning from one to another, are welcome. 

Trained breastfeeding support will be available throughout. 


Our IBCLC’s and Tongue-tie Practitioners

Please contact practitioners directly to arrange an appointment. Click on their names to see their profile page…..

Amanda Smith

0784 650 8131, email:

Click here to see Amanda’s website

Victoria Leith

0730 5307878, email:

Click here to see Victoria’s website