Therapeutic Yoga with Julie Halliday

Hi all. I am delighted to be running regular Zoom classes for clients from The Broad Street Practice on a Thursday morning from 9.30 – 10.30.  Please contact me by email to enrol.

Best wishes, Julie


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YOGA – For a pain-free, stronger, more flexible and mobile you

A strong and healthy body is essential to our well-being and vitality! Our lifestyle choices and our day to day routines such as sitting at the computer, driving everywhere and vegging on the couch can weaken our bodies and contribute significantly to poor posture. This can result in the ligaments and tendons shortening, over time causing tension and compression in the spine and joints. A feeling of weakness and tightness develops throughout the body which can result in limitations in movement and often resonates as pain.

In all our classes we will be looking at Yoga stretches/releases and poses that will help you develop a healthier, stronger, more flexible and mobile body. Traditional exercises tend to isolate the parts of the body you are working on, where as yoga is designed to integrate and benefit the whole body. Lengthening the connective tissue, decompressing the spine & joints and strengthening your core & body giving it the necessary support to you help feel stronger, more stable and mobile.  Helping you to stay injury free and/or recover from an injury with awareness and in safe way.

Stability, Flexibility and Mobility falls under the ‘use it or lose it‘ rule. Why not ‘use it and improve it’?

Our Instructor – Julie Halliday

Julie is a well known local yoga teacher – a gymnastics teacher in a previous life – who often teaches the advanced classes and acroyoga (bend-yourself-double!) classes.  However, increasingly Julie is passionate about teaching yoga to those for whom it doesn’t come naturally; those who really need yoga in their lives….

As a result, our yoga classes are a bit different.  Class numbers are limited to a maximum of 8 clients, which enables Julie to supervise each individual closely and guide them according to their areas of strength and weakness, stiffness and flexibility. Classes are not necessarily aimed at beginners – although they are suitable for beginners as each person will be taught to the level that is suitable for them.


PLEASE NOTE – If you have any pain or discomfort in your body or are recovering from an injury please let Julie know. You can do yoga with injuries or restrictions as we work WITH and allow for any issues, rather than pushing on through them as though they didn’t exist! However you need to let Julie know your history so that, if necessary, she can advise alternatives for some of the poses that may be included in the class.

If you are 12+ weeks pregnant and well, you may attend the classes, please let Julie know as she will definitely need to give relevant alternatives for some poses.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact Julie by email at or message her on 07761944778