Therapeutic Yoga Classes with Julie Halliday

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YOGA – For a pain-free, stronger, more flexible and mobile you

A strong and healthy body is essential to our well-being and vitality! Our lifestyle choices and our day to day routines such as sitting at the computer, driving everywhere and vegging on the couch can weaken our bodies and contribute significantly to poor posture. This can result in the ligaments and tendons shortening, over time causing tension and compression in the spine and joints. A feeling of weakness and tightness develops throughout the body which can result in limitations in movement and often resonates as pain.

In all these classes we will be looking at Yoga stretches/releases and poses that will help you develop a healthier, stronger, more flexible and mobile body. Traditional exercises tend to isolate the parts of the body you are working on, where as yoga (although the class may be area focused) is designed to integrate and benefit the whole body. Lengthening the connective tissue, decompressing the spine & joints and strengthening your core & body giving it the necessary support to work how you need it to, to help feel stronger, more stable and mobile.  Helping you to both stay injury free and/or recover from an injury with awareness and in safe way.

Stability, Flexibility and Mobility falls under the ‘use it or lose it‘ rule. Why not ‘use it and improve it’?

Yoga for the lower body – low back, hips & legs

This class is for anyone who wants to find more movement/mobility &  flexibility in their lower body. We take our legs for granted; they hold us up all day. Habits we get into when walking, running and sitting often lead to alignment issues and sometimes pain in the knees/hips & lower back. In this class you will be working towards gaining a better understanding of the connections in the lower body and how to build the support/strength, flexibility and mobility that will help you to feel a significant difference in your body and ultimately in your day to day activities.

Yoga for hyper-mobility

If you feel weak and unstable in your joints, dropping into you hips or your knees giving way – this is the class for you. Please be aware that when joints are unstable people often feel very tight in the muscles, as they tense up to stop the joint from collapsing. Also hyper-mobility can leave you feeling tired and lacking in energy. Carrying a body around when the joints don’t have a lot of support is really hard work!

We will be looking at giving you to tools to understand how to build, support and strength around the joints and to free up muscle tension that may be blocking your movement. This will help you to access your mobility in a controlled, safe way so your joints feel stronger & more stable and your muscles are tension & pain-free.

Yoga for a healthy back

Our backs are an area where we hold a lot of tension. We expect and demand a lot from our back and spine both in our day to day activities and when exercising, often doing things without awareness. We want the back to be both strong and mobile but it is often the area we tweak and where we feel pain when moving. In this class you will learn how to build support/strength as well as mobility in your back, thoracic spine and core, helping you feel supported, strong and pain free.

Yoga for the upper body – neck, shoulder and upper back

Most of our everyday movement happens in front of the body – where our eyes can supervise what our hands are doing! There isn’t much we do that involves the full range of motion of the shoulders and upper body. With limited use comes restrictive movement which can resonate as stiffness and tightness in the shoulders & upper back and/or quite literally a pain in the neck, often with a tendency to tension headaches.

This class will work towards understanding the support role of the hands, through the arms, shoulders and surrounding area while releasing and accessing more flexibility, and freeing up muscle tension.  This will help you to improve the strength and range of motion in the upper body.

Yoga for stiff joints

If you feel trapped and limited by the restricted movement in your joints…. If you struggle to sit down without support or can’t touch your toes… This class will help you!

Stiff joints with restricted movements can be quite painful, so you  become reluctant to move because it hurts! If you are stiff or have painful joints it’s really important to keep using them, to maintain the movement and flexibility you currently have, or in time you will find yourself becoming stiffer, with reduced range of motion/movement and increased pain.  Sadly…..if you don’t use it you lose it…..

We will be working at getting core support throughout the body to help you to free up the joints and get your body moving.  We will help you understand how to maintain and gain more flexibility/mobility and ultimately helping you to move better and reduce the pain or become pain-free.


Our Instructor – Julie Halliday

Julie is a well known local yoga teacher – a gymnastics teacher in a previous life – who often teaches the advanced classes and acroyoga (bend-yourself-double!) classes.  However, increasingly Julie is interested in teaching yoga to those for whom it doesn’t come naturally; those who really need yoga in their lives….

As a result, our yoga classes are a bit different.  Class numbers are limited to a maximum of 8 clients and each class has a specific therapeutic focus. Classes are not necessarily aimed at beginners – although they are suitable for beginners as each person will be taught to the level that is suitable for them.  As students become better and their symptoms subside, they may choose to stick with our therapeutic classes or to migrate to one of the more general yoga classes available at different locations in town.