Skin Camouflage Services – further information

Scarring, skin conditions and discolouration, as well as being physical, can cause long term emotional scars as the client/patient struggles to come to term with their appearance. Using skin camouflage techniques, we can successfully alleviate the physical problem, hence resolving much of the emotional turmoil.

This is achieved through:

  • Assessment of the skin colour difference and skin matching practical
  • The selection of the most suitable products to camouflage the affected tissues
  • Tutoring the client in self-application and removal
  • Advice on daily use of the skin camouflage products and after care


Varama 12 tubesConsultations are up to 2 hours’ duration.  Skin Camouflage is suitable for men, women and children (from 5 years of age) irrespective of whether the area is visible or covered with clothing.

We accept self-referrals, legal and medical referrals.

All the products and accessories used are available on NHS prescription, on-line or through specific retailers.


History of Skin Camouflageskin camouflage Sir Archibald photo

Skin camouflage started during World War II when heavy duty preparations were used to help veterans who had been severely burnt. Sir Archibald McIndoe pioneered saline baths for burn injuries and believed that treatment should always be 50% and 50% psychological. As a result, in1942 a patient support group formed called ‘The Guinea Pig Club’ which was run by patients for patients. In order to help regain their self esteem, the soldiers would be allowed outside of the hospital wearing civilian clothes and camouflage preparations.

In 1975 the Department of Health and Social Services worked with the British Red Cross to offer skin camouflage across the UK on the NHS.