Rosie Adamson – Pilates teacher

My Name is Roseanna Adamson, formally known is Roseanna Telling.

When I was 10 years old I started Ballet lessons which then led me to leave home at 16 and move to London to train at Rambert school of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. I was at Rambert for 4 years completing a BA Honours and Masters in Performance and Ritual Studies. In February 2014 I went to Israel to train with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company for 6 months, it was a phenomenal experience and I learnt so much.

After I came back form Israel I decided to embark on a new adventure of getting my Pilates Qualification. In this time I realised all my dance knowledge and my eye for good posture came hand in hand with this and I loved it. After I had done my practical exams with near to no minors I knew this was the career for me to have along side my dancing.

I love teaching Pilates and seeing people improve and get stronger through my classes which I believe are tailored to everyone. See the class information here

I look forward to welcoming you to class.  If you have any concerns, or want to talk to me about any aspect of class, please call me on 07506 471601 or by email at