Robert Montgomery BSc Hons Ost – Registered Osteopath


I graduated, with honours, from the British School of Osteopathy (now University College of Osteopathy) in 1996.

The theory and practice of osteopathy has held a fascination for me since I first became aware of it; so deeply rooted in science and evidence yet so artful and unique in its application. Why is this so?

We are now a population of billions, evolved over hundreds of thousands, millions of years; in essence all the same, yet each uniquely different.

It is a difference that counts; “Why me? Why now?” are just some of the questions my patients ask. The answers can be challenging for both practitioner and patient, yet it is in understanding and answering these types of questions, within an osteopathic framework, that health is restored and for me, osteopathy is endlessly refreshed.

With this perspective so deeply engrained, my interest is wide and I enjoy treating a very broad-spectrum of acute and chronic injuries and conditions across the age-range. Through qualifications in the use of electrotherapy and medical acupuncture, I am able to further encourage patients’ healing mechanisms by integrating the use of these techniques into clinical treatment plans.

Away from the Practice, I am a keen cyclist, enjoy ‘off the beaten track’ travel and SCUBA diving. I maintain a commercial pilot licence and have several hundred skydives logged. I should point out here that these are entirely unrelated to my flying activities and I do indeed have an equal number of take-offs and landings! I also have a longstanding, personal interest in human psychology and personality development and I have enjoyed, successfully trading foreign exchange (forex) currencies for the past 9 years.