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Recent changes in the NHS have placed pressures on doctors, whereby time is at a premium and there is a focus on targets, rather like the standards introduced to teachers several years ago. Family doctors are now paid on reaching these targets, many of which encourage prescribing. This can lead to poly-pharmacy – the prescription of multiple medications to treat each individual condition, and then extra protective medication to guard against the side effects of the original prescriptions.

I prefer to listen, analyse and reflect with the patient and the emphasis of this premium private medical service is to providing a high quality consultations, where patients are given 45 minutes or 1 hour to describe and discuss their symptoms.

Taking a good medical history is well recognised to contribute 80% to the diagnosis, and having time to fully elucidate a patients complaints will aid diagnostic accuracy. This will then be augmented by a clearly defined and comprehensive medical examination.

I’m driven to  find out what has caused the symptoms, and diagnose. I tend to avoid prescribing if possible. To this end, I believe that a longer consultation of 45 minutes is needed to evaluate a condition or symptom fully.

Patients with complex, interwoven symptoms or illnesses will be welcome to discuss their cases and current management. I hope to provide a reflective and open dialogue about the management of their case, but allowing for other treatment modalities if possible and acceptable.

Changes to behaviour, lifestyle, working environment and exercise are my preferred modes of treatment.

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These Private GP Consultations at The Broad Street Practice are outside the facility of the NHS and patients would normally continue to be registered with their usual local GP.

I do not aim to provide emergency GP care or become a substitute for local NHS primary care services.

Guidance for patients – Complex or expensive investigations may be discussed with your local GP and arranged by mutual agreement. Please bring along any medical reports, test results, repeat prescriptions slips or medical summary information if available, to your initial appointment.


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