Pelvic Floor Restore with Carla van Traa

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1 in 3 women report some degree of pelvic floor dysfunction.  This class is for the leaky runners and the non-jumpers, the mums who can’t lift their children, the ladies who have those ‘Whoops’ moments and who perhaps struggle to sneeze or laugh without a little leak or who can’t trust themselves getting up out of a chair. Sound familiar?

Wearing a pad helps you to manage the problem but it is not the solution; sufferers need to learn safe and effective exercise strategies to re-engage the pelvic muscles and help relieve the issues.  It’s not an age thing either, childbirth and many sports can cause these issues in younger women too.

The classes will improve your mental and physical connection with your pelvic floor, to understand how it works and how everything we do affects it.   It is nothing to be embarrassed about and it is absolutely not the case that you are the only one with a problem.  The increase in advertisements for sanitary wear is testament to the numbers of affected ladies.  These advertisements imply that wearing a pad is the answer, that the problem is somehow ‘normal’ and leaking is something women have to learn to live with – it’s not.

Education is key, so together we learn the do’s and don’ts of creating and preserving a functioning pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is an essential element of the core, it is made up of many muscle groups.  Muscles can be repaired if they’re injured, and they can regain their strength even beyond their previous state. Your strengthened core will mean that in addition to improved continence, by the end of the course you will probably find you have benefited in many other ways including – but not limited to (!) – a more defined waist, a flatter tummy, less back pain and an ability to stand for longer without tiring.

Because of the intimate and very personal nature of pelvic floor dysfunction, this will be a small class environment (a maximum of 6 people), where everyone knows everyone else and all participants feel safe. It will be run as a 4-week education-led class, and each class member will be invited to join a private Facebook group just for their cohort of individuals, in order to support each person throughout the course.

Full payment and commitment needs to be made to the whole course at the outset.  No refunds or private sessions can be offered to make up for any that are missed, although you will still receive hand-outs for classes missed. Each participant will have to complete an advance screening questionnaire prior to enrolment.


Your teacher – Carla van Traa

I am a Level 4 Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor with over 15 years of experience.  As I have aged, so my learning and education has taken on more specialist meaning and I am passionate about “Stopping the leak”.  I am not a women’s health physio but am an exercise professional who has undertaken advanced training and study in pelvic floor issues.  I have been helping ladies in my Pilates classes for a few years now with great results.  If you are in doubt or need to know more, then please get in touch prior to booking onto this course.  If I feel that your problem needs to be referred onwards then we can do that too.  If you have or suspect a prolapse, please speak to me before signing up.