Oriental Medical Massage

I am Duncan Ford and I’ve worked at The Broad Street Practice as an Acupuncturist for many years.  As well as my acupuncture qualifications I have a diploma in Tuina Medical Massage and have recently obtained a Level 3 Sports Massage qualification. I am pleased to offer a special blend of the best of these three disciplines in my Oriental Medical Massage Treatments.

The best of both worlds

The massage will deliver a combination of oriental and western massage techniques most suited to your presentation.  Techniques used may include Tuina, frictions, soft tissue release, Gua Sha, muscle energy techniques, cupping, acupressure and when appropriate acupuncture.

The massage treatment involves using touch in a sensitive and respectful way; if you don’t like something and you’d like me to change my approach you only need to say. The session itself will focus on the areas highlighted in my assessment, with special attention given to trigger points and areas of tension. Stretches will often be recommended at the end of the session in order to help your recovery.

Your emotional and mental state will always be taken into account in addition to your physical condition. After all, you can’t separate the physical from the emotional. Massage can help to harmonise all aspects of your life.

Your first appointment

Extra time is allowed for your initial appointment as your first session will begin with a discussion about your presenting problems and an assessment of your range of movements to identify any muscular imbalance and trigger points. Trigger points are frequently overlooked and can be a cause of unexplained muscle pain and aching. If left untreated they can become chronic, the pain can increase and it can be more time consuming to treat.



1 hr Consultation and Oriental Medical Massage – £50

½ hr Oriental Medical Massage – £40


Your Practitioner

DUNCAN FORD BA (Hons), Lic.ac, MBACc –  Registered Traditional Acupuncturist