Nutritional Therapy

Healthy eating is confusing. Complex carbs, glycemic index, polyunsaturated fats – when did it all get so complicated?

Nutritional therapists are trained to help you eat better. There are lots of people who know their quinoa from their bulgar wheat,but nutritionists are a whole other breed – they study the body processes associated with what we eat, spend their days pouring over the latest research on how food affects our health, and are best placed to offer tailored advice and expertise about how you can improve your diet for your individual benefit. There are many nutritional misconceptions, an example of this being; Did you know that there is more calcium in a portion of kale than in a glass of milk.

Louise Cunliffe is a qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist. This means that not only will she give you Nutritional advice but naturopathic advice on certain herbs, supplements and natural remedies that can help your situation too. An example of this would be to take a bath in Epsom salts for 20 minutes immediately before going to sleep to aid restful sleep and or muscle aches and pains.

Thus professional nutritional advice is a valuable tool to steer you through the minefield of confusing nutritional claims out there.

Prior to a nutritional consultation with Louise, you will be asked to fill out a detailed health questionnaire and a 3-day food diary, so she can get a really good overall picture of your current health status, diet and lifestyle.

The initial consultation will usually last between 60-75 minutes, where Louise will try to gather more information about you. From this she will aim to identify nutritional, diet and lifestyle factors that could be contributing to the symptoms and health conditions that you are experiencing. You’ll leave the consultation with a personalised and safe nutrition and lifestyle plan that is evidence based, and tailored towards your own individual requirements. You may also be recommended supplements and/or functional tests if she feels these could be beneficial, perhaps to assess if you’re deficient in any vitamins and minerals.

A follow-up appointment is recommended around 3-4 weeks later. In the follow-up Louise will work with you to assess your improvement and tweak the plan depending on your individual needs. The number of follow-ups required is totally dependant on your own needs and speed of recovery. Flexibility is the key here and Louise will happily help and guide you towards your goal of optimal health, energy and happiness.

Our Practitioner: Louise Cunliffe ITEC LCHom NatNut – Nutritional Therapist