Homeopathy is a widely used and trusted alternative system of medicine in the world.  Homeopaths do not treat diseases, we treat people who are suffering from disease symptoms. This is a fundamental difference with conventional medicine. In Homeopathy we understand that symptoms produced by a patient are the attempts of their defence mechanism to overcome a disease disturbance. These symptoms are the outward sign of the inner disturbance and are not the disease itself.

Thus Homeopathy encourages the body’s immune response as much as possible to aid the body’s response at healing itself in a safe and gentle way.

The basic principle of homeopathy is to treat “like with like”.  The body needs certain information in order to overcome an illness. This needs to be “similar” in type to the illness in order to help healing/immune response. Louise’s job is to find the “similar” remedy that the body then uses to correct the direction of cure and an enhance the immune response.

Homeopathic remedies are made from natural substances either plant, mineral or animal. They are prepared in a special way at homeopathic pharmacies, in which the material substance is diluted and serially “succussed” or shaken. These then become highly dilute but highly effective medicines. Their potency refers to the number of dilutions the remedy has gone through.

Finding out which “remedy” a client needs is achieved through in-depth questioning and assessment, which will guide Louise to chose the correct remedy for you.

Homeopathic medicines are best taken alone without any other medication, however many clients are taking conventional medication and the homeopathic medication can be safely prescribed alongside.


Our practitioner:  Louise Cunliffe ITEC LCHom NatNut – Nutritional Therapist & Homeopath