Foot Health Care & Nail Reconstruction


Routine foot care for everyone!

  • Nail Trimming
  • Callus/hard skin reduction
  • Corns
  • Verrucae
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Fungal nails
  • Reduction of thickened nails
  • Paddings and dressings
  • Routine diabetic foot care


40 minute Routine Foot Care Appointment £35.00 – bookable via reception or online



Many people suffer with toe nail trauma – runners, climbers and ramblers, also there are people who loose partial or full toenails through surgery, accidents or fungal nail infections. This can leave some feeling self conscious about their feet.

Toenail reconstruction is a process where a temporary artificial nail is constructed to fit the individual and held in place with with Fuzion gel. This process can be used as a reusable temporary cosmetic solution or to complement therapeutic treatment/management of fungal nail. The Fuzion gel promotes healthy nail growth as it is impregnated with Silver.

Nail reconstruction treatment comprises:
An initial Routine Foot Care Appointment (£35) for assessment and nailbed preparation (for up to two toes)
A subsequent Artificial Nail Fitting Appointment (£35) for up to two new toenails (at £25 each).
The routine Foot Care Appointments can be booked by contacting reception or via our online booking but Nail Fitting appointments must be booked via reception.




After Anna’s first session at the practice, we received this response from Mr MA from Stamford…..

“Since 2019 I have had problems with my big toe. It was so nice to visit a foot care practitioner who listened, carefully examined my problem and treated it very efficiently. I was not expecting to receive so much treatment in my appointment time. My feet felt so much better when I walked out. I think Anna is an excellent addition to your team.”


Domiciliary visits may be possible by special arrangement only.  Residents of Stamford and the immediate surrounding villages and only those who have genuine and significant issues which prevent them attending the clinic will be considered.


Our Practitioner

Anna Rugg DipCFHP – Foot Health Practitioner

Anna has 23 years experience working in the Health and Social Care sector a variety of care settings, including the NHS and working in senior care roles. She retrained as a Foot Health practitioner, qualifying with a level 4 Diploma in Foot Health Practice in October 2020. Anna trained through the College of Foot Health in Blackheath and is registered as a practitioner on the Register of Accredited Foot Health Practitioners and a member of the Alliance.