Foot Health Care & Nail Reconstruction


Routine foot care for everyone!

  • Nail Trimming
  • Callus/hard skin reduction
  • Corns
  • Verrucae
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Fungal nails
  • Reduction of thickened nails
  • Paddings and dressings
  • Routine diabetic foot care


40 minute Routine Foot Care Appointment £35.00 – bookable via reception or online




Many people suffer with toe or fingernail nail trauma – runners, climbers and ramblers, also there are people who loose partial or full nails through surgery, accidents or fungal nail infections. This can leave some feeling self conscious about their hands or feet.

Nail reconstruction is a procedure carried out using medical grade Fuzion gel which is infused with Silver. The gel creates a breathable, flexible temporary artificial nail which can move with toe or finger’s natural movement. The silver in the gel has natural antibacterial/antifungal properties, allowing the artificial nail to treat a variety of problematic nail conditions – including fungal nail – as well as serving a cosmetic purpose. Reconstruction can also be used for a temporary cosmetic solution for missing nails or nails that have incurred trauma from sports or accidents.

Gel nail bracing techniques could also support the correction of problematic nail growth – such as ingrowing toenails.

Nail reconstruction treatment comprises:
1)  An initial 40 min routine Foot Care Appointment (£35) for assessment and nailbed preparation (for up to two toes) – bookable either online or by contacting reception
2)  A subsequent 1 hour Artificial Nail Fitting Appointment (£50) plus the new nails (at £25 each) – a maximum of two nails can be fitted per appointment – only bookable directly with reception.




After Anna’s first session at the practice, we received this response from Mr MA from Stamford…..

“Since 2019 I have had problems with my big toe. It was so nice to visit a foot care practitioner who listened, carefully examined my problem and treated it very efficiently. I was not expecting to receive so much treatment in my appointment time. My feet felt so much better when I walked out. I think Anna is an excellent addition to your team.”


We had been trying for several years to resolve the multiple verruca’s on the sole of one of my son’s feet. He had become a teenager and still the problem persisted and he was very self-conscious about the problem and always kept his foot covered. We had tried every across-the-counter remedy available and even turned to our GP. To be fair to our GP, Covid meant that ordinary issues like this would not be a priority but for my son it was a difficult and worsening problem and the GP’s response of “he will grow out of them” was not helping. 

So after seeing an ad about Anna and the work she was doing at the Broad Street Practice we went along to see her. Anna was very kind and sympathetic and suggested a treatment which we worked on daily and which in under two months completely eradicated the verrucas, absolutely fantastic! My son is really thrilled and just so happy that his foot is no longer an embarrassment to him.  Mr KB


Our Practitioner – Anna Rugg DipCFHP – Foot Health Practitioner

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