Extra precautions during the corona virus outbreak

Here at The Broad Street Practice we are taking numerous precautions to reduce the risk of the practice acting as a vector for infection and to keep our patients, clients, staff and practitioners infection-free.





  • Hand sanitiser is provided in the lobby of both buildings – please use it when entering and leaving.
  • There is hand sanitiser in every treatment room, on reception and in the rest-rooms.
  • Paper hand towels are used in all treatment rooms and rest-rooms.
  • We request that patients avoid touching surfaces while on the premises, where possible, and have signs to this effect.
  • We have instructions for correct hand washing technique by each wash-hand basin and all clinical treatment rooms now have hand washing facilities.
  • Practitioners are thoroughly washing their hands before and after treating each patient and at other necessary times.
  • Treatment rooms are left to air for an interval after each treatment session and then all contact surfaces are disinfected (including chair arms, desk edges, pens etc).
  • Practitioners have been asked to open doors for patients, to avoid door handle contact.
  • We have removed magazines from the reception area and have removed towels from treatment rooms (patient’s clothing to used as drapes if patients are cold)
  • A protective screen is in place to protect our reception staff.
  • Cleaning materials are available so that patients can wipe down contact surfaces in the restroom before use, if desired.
  • Alcohol wipes are used to regularly disinfect the card payment machine.
  • Practitioners will risk assess each patient and themselves before making a clinical judgement with regard to PPE.  At a minimum all practitioners will wear a water-resistant IIR face mask and all patients will be required to wear a face covering or face mask. Face masks (disposable and re-useable) are available for purchase from reception (all funds go to The UK Sepsis Trust). In the counselling room during therapy sessions, face coverings may be removed provided 2m social distancing is maintained.



  • We have instigated a system whereby extra time is blocked out between appointments to allow time for airing and the extra cleaning tasks in treatment rooms.
  • Appointment times have been staggered to reduce congestion in the common areas.
  • We have limited seating in the waiting areas to help maintain social distancing and when the weather is fine, patients will be able to use seating outside in the sunshine.
  • We will offer treatments to the elderly or other more vulnerable patients at the start of the clinic day, out of normal hours or in a room that has not yet been used in the clinic session.
  • Before a patients’ first visit after lock-down and for all new patients, our practitioners will conduct an interview to assess the patients’ health, vulnerability and potential exposure to the virus. Based on this a decision will be made as to whether a face to face appointment is appropriate, and what level of PPE is suitable.
  • Before each treatment, patients will be required to sign a self-declaration of health and give consent that they understand and accept that attendance for treatment involves a small element of risk of infection.
  • We will not treat patients who have had contact with a confirmed or suspected Covid-19 sufferer in the 14 days before attendance or people who are or have been unwell with relevant symptoms until they have been well for 8 clear days. Patients from these groups can request a practitioner to telephone them for advice.
  • We will not treat patients who have, within the 14 days prior to attending, visited an overseas country on the government’s quarantine list.
  • We reserve the right to take the temperature of patients and to turn away anyone who appears to be unwell.
  • All practitioners will have their temperature checked and recorded, and will be required to sign a self-declaration of health to work at the start of each clinic session
  • Any patient who becomes ill in the 3 days following an appointment is obliged to notify the practice without delay.


All these policies and precautions are under constant review (last review date 29th July)