Emergency osteopathic care during C-19

The Government, NHS and our professional bodies have thanked the osteopathic community for their role in easing pressure on the NHS……They have (belatedly) nominated us as key workers.  However – mixed messages being the order of the day – they have told us we should avoid treating patients if at all possible….!

Breaching the 2m isolation distance guidelines obviously puts at risk both the practitioner and patient as well as all the contacts of both parties – including vulnerable individuals.

Perry, Anthea and family have been following strict isolation practices, are in good health and are all non-vulnerable individuals (however, none of us can guarantee that we are infection-free). While we all remain well, Perry (and Perry alone – Anthea is furloughed and unable to earn) may be prepared to see emergency osteopathic patients subject to strict criteria. Each case will be considered on an individual basis.

If you are suffering with considerable pain or other worrying symptoms and you want advice and support, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01780 480889 or 0794 969 7881 or 0771 993 0278.

We will be able to help by listening to what has happened, careful questioning about signs and symptoms and giving you advice about self care together with suggestions for pain control medication and gentle exercises. A decision may be made to conduct a remote online video consultation.  If you case presents significant concerns, we will recommend that you go directly to hospital or to see your GP.  In some cases, Perry may offer you an emergency appointment.

Conditions under which Perry is able to see people are very strict. If he decides he cannot see you, please be understanding. Be assured that we will do our very best to help.

No charge will be made for phone discussions. Video consultations will be charged at £45 for new patients and £35 for existing osteopathic patients/follow-ups. Emergency consultation and treatment sessions with Perry will be charged as per our usual fee schedule.