Local Defibrillators


In our reception we now have a potentially life-saving, fully automatic defibrillator – it’s there for our patients and staff obviously but is also available to the wider community.

If someone has collapsed and isn’t breathing, an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) will check the person’s heart rhythm and will send a shock to the heart, if appropriate, to try and restore a normal rhythm. AEDs are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest – when the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating. Outside a hospital setting, on average, less than 10% of victims survive a cardiac arrest. With defibrillation survival rates can go up to about 40%, and if suitable patients are shocked within 2 minutes the survival rate can be as good as 70%.

An AED won’t deliver a shock if it’s not appropriate, so you won’t cause harm through inappropriate use. The unit is fully automatic – you open the lid and it tells you exactly what to do…..Remember – a person who is unconscious and not breathing is already dead, to all intents and purposes, so there is nothing you can do that is going to make their situation worse, but without help there is no way they are going to survive – so please try something!!

Click here to see a video which shows you how to use an AED


There are loads of AED’s dotted around Stamford, those we are aware of are listed below and we will add to the list as we discover more!   The East Midlands Ambulance Service will help you to locate the nearest defibrillator when you call 999, but it’s even better if someone is already en route to fetch a defibrillator whilst the 999 call is being made!  The postcodes might help you find them.

Those marked Public Access are housed in boxes on the external walls of buildings and are accessible 24/7.  You will need a security code to obtain access to the defibrillator and this will be given to you by the 999 operator.  All the others are limited access depending on the opening hours of the business where the AED is kept.  Therefore, where possible, the phone numbers of these locations are listed below so you can try to call in advance and may avoid a wasted journey.


PLEASE NOTE:  Whilst we will do our best to keep this list as complete, accurate and up to date as possible, we cannot take responsibility for omissions and errors in the listing nor can we ensure that all defibrillators listed will be properly maintained.  It is our sincere hope that people responsible for defibrillators will be responsible enough to ensure that they are properly maintained and kept ready for emergencies – otherwise what is the point?!……Please contact us if you are aware of any errors or omissions. Thank you.



  • The Broad Street Practice, (in reception) 20-21 Broad Street  PE9 1PG – 01780 480889 (out of hours try 752668)
  • St Mary’s Medical Centre, Wharf Road PE9 2DH – 01780 764121
  • Stamford Dental Care, 35-36 Broad St, Stamford PE9 1PJ – 01780 752001 (Public Access)
  • Cafe Black, (behind the counter) 21 High Street, PE9 2LF – 01780 762999
  • Stamford Arts Centre, (at the top of the stairs to the ladies toilet), St Mary’s Street PE9 2DL – 01780 763203
  • Tesco Metro (Customer Services Counter), 46-51 High Street, Stamford PE9 2BD
  • Johnson’s cleaners (front of ‘The Sewing Room, outside M&S) 42 High St, Stamford PE9 2BD (Public Access)
  • Stamford School (in the atrium), St Paul’s Street PE9 1QF – 01780 750300
  • Stamford School Sports Centre, (poolside), Conduit Road PE9 1QQ – 01780 750050
  • The Masonic Hall, All Saints Street, Stamford PE9 2PA – 01780 751554
  • The Recreation Ground, Recreation Ground Road (outside the public toilets) (Public Access)
  • Duncan & Toplis (Accountants), 14 All Saints Street, PE9 2PA – 01780 750888
  • The Little Lane Nursery, Silver Lane, PE9 2BT – 01780 752211



  • Welland Academy, Green Lane, PE9 1HE – 01780 751011 (Public Access)
  • Malcolm Sargent School, Empingham Road, PE9 2SR – 01780 762708 (Public Access)
  • Bluecoat School, Green Lane, PE9 1HE – 01780 764202
  • St Augustines School, Kesteven Road, PE9 1SR – 01780 762094
  • St George’s School, Kesteven Road, PE9 1SX – 01780 763654
  • Stamford Rugby Club, Clubhouse, Hambleton Road Hambleton Road, Stamford PE9 2RZ  (Also accessible from the Empingham Rd Playing Fields) (Public Access)
  • Casterton Hill BP Service Station, Casterton Road PE9 4DE (Public Access) 



  • Stamford Ambulance Station, Ryhall Road, PE9 1UF (Public Access)
  • Stamford & Rutland Hospital, Ryhall Road, PE9 1UA – 01780 764151 (open 24 hours)
  • The New Sheepmarket Surgery, Ryhall Road, PE9 1YA – 01780 437017
  • Oasis Dental Care, Ryhall Road, PE9 1UF – 01780 762182
  • Borderville Sports Centre, Ryhall Road, PE9 1US
  • Blackstones Sports & Social Club, Lincoln Road, PE9 1UU – 01780 757835
  • New College Stamford, Drift Road, PE9 1XA – 01780 484300
  • Southfields House (Stamford School) St Paul’s Street PE9 2BQ – 01780 750300
  • Rhino’s Gym, 22, Gwash Way Industrial Estate, Ryhall Rd, Stamford PE9 1XP (Public Access)
  • Stamford Cricket Club, Clubhouse, Uffington Road PE9 3AA (Public Access)
  • Morrisons Supermarket (beside Customer Services Counter), Uffington Road, PE9 2FT – 01780 766024



  • Westside Gym, West Street, PE9 2PN – 01780 480651
  • St Gilberts School, Foundry Road, PE9 2PP – 01780 762400
  • Artica, Unit 1, West Street Business Park, PE9 2PL – 482200 (7 days/week access via The Yard at Unit 2 – 01780 2480610)



  • Stamford High School, (in reception area), High Street St Martins, PE9 2LL – 01780 484200
  • Stamford Junior School, (on the external wall at the school reception), Kettering Road, PE9 2LR – 01780 484400
  • The George Hotel, High Street St Martins, PE9 2LB – 01780 750750
  • Station Road, in the old red phone box by the traffic lights at High St St Martins (Public Access)
  • Cummins Generator Technologies, (reception area), Barnack Road, PE9 2NB – 01780 484000



  • AILSWORTH, in the phone box, Peterborough Road, Ailsworth (Public Access)
  • BAINTON, The Reading Rooms, Bainton, Peterborough (Public Access)
  • BARNACK, Barnack Village Hall (on the wall near the gate), School Rd, Stamford PE9 3DZ –  01780 740124 (Public Access)
  • BASTON, Chapel Motors, 35-37 Main Street, Baston PE6 9PA – 01778 560099
  • BRACEBOROUGH, Braceborough & Wilsthorpe Village Hall, Main Street/Church Street, Braceborough PE9 4NT
  • BOURNE, Elsea Park Community Centre, 1 Sandown Drive, Bourne PE10 0US (Public Access)
  • CARLBY, Carlby Village Hall, 54A High Street, Carlby, PE9 4LX
  • CASTOR, Halls The Chemist, The Old Chapel, Church Hill, Castor, Peterborough PE5 7AU (Public Access)
  • CLIPSHAM, on the outside wall of The Olive Branch, Main Street, Clipsham  LE15 7SH  (Public Access)
  • COLLYWESTON, Collyweston Community Shop, 21 High Street, Collyweston PE9 3PW – 01780 440830
  • EASTON ON THE HILL, Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, Church St, Easton PE9 3NZ – 01780 756777 (Public Access)
  • EASTON ON THE HILL, Easton House (Opposite the Church) (Public Access)
  • EGLETON, Rutland Water Nature Reserve and Birdwatching Center, Egleton, Oakham LE15 8BT – 01572-770651 (Public Access)
  • EDITH WESTON, Rutland Water Sailing Centre, (next to the front door) Gibbetts Lane, LE15 8HJ – 01780 720292 (Public Access – on foot only when sailing centre is closed)
  • EDITH WESTON, Rutland Water Fishing Lodge, Normanton Rd, Edith Weston, Oakham LE15 8HD – 01780 686441 (Public Access)
  • EDITH WESTON, Kings Edwards Way Phone Box, LE15 8EZ (Public Access)
  • EMPINGHAM, Sykes Lane Visitor Centre, Sykes Lane, Empingham, Oakham LE15 8PX – 01780 686800 (Public Access)
  • ESSENDINE, Essendine Village Hall, Stamford Road, Essendine PE9 4LQ
  • FOTHERINGHAY, in the phone box opposite the Falcon, Main Street, Fotheringhay PE8 5HZ (Public Access)
  • GREAT CASTERTON, Great Casterton Primary School, Pickworth Road, Great Casterton PE9 4AU – 01780 762417
  • GREAT CASTERTON, Casterton College, College Road, Great Casterton (on the front wall by entrance) (Public Access)
  • GREAT CASTERTON, on the front wall of the Church Hall, next door to the church, Main Street PE9 4AP(Public Access)
  • GREATFORD, Greatford Village Hall, Carlby Road, Greatford PE9 4PR
  • KETTON, Ketton Sports & Community Centre, Pit Lane, Ketton PE9 3SZ – 01780 721507
  • KETTON, Geeston. On the side of the Signalman’s hut on the level crossing (Public Access)
  • KETTON, there is a defibrillator in each of the two phone boxes in the village (Public Access)
  • KINGS CLIFFE, In the public phone box, Hall Yard (opposite the Cross Keys Pub), West St, PE8 6XA (Public Access)
  • KINGS CLIFFE, Kings Cliffe Club (on the outside wall by the entrance)  65 Wood Rd, Kings Cliffe, PE8 6XF (Public Access)
  • KINGS CLIFFE, Kings Cliffe Village Hall, Eagle Lane, Kings Cliffe, PE8 6XD
  • LANGTOFT, Langtoft Village Hall, 26 West End, Langtoft, PE6 9RH (Public Access)
  • MANTON, The Horse & Jockey Pub,  2 St Mary’s Rd, Manton, Oakham LE15 8SU –  01572 737335 (Public Access)
  • OUNDLE, Oundle Golf Club, Benefield Road, Oundle PE8 4EZ – 01832 273267
  • PETERBOROUGH, British Rail Station (Platform 1)
  • RYHALL, Ryhall Village Hall, Church Street, Ryhall, PE9 4HR (Public Access)
  • SWAYFIELD, Swayfield Village Hall, 33 Corby Road, Swayfield NG33 4LQ
  • TALLINGTON, Tallington Lakes Leisure Park, Barholm Road , Tallington PE9 4RJ
  • THURLBY, Thurlby Primary School, Thurlby (Public Access)
  • UFFINGTON, The Bertie Arms, Pub, 1 Bertie Lane, Uffington PE9 4SZ – 01780 766400 (Public Access)
  • WANSFORD, The Haycock Hotel, Wansford PE9 6JA – 01780 782223
  • WHITWELL, Rutland Watersports, Bull Brig Lane, Whitwell, Oakham LE15 8BL – 01780 460154 (Public Access)
  • WILSTHORPE, Braceborough & Wilsthorpe Village Hall, Main Street/Church Street, Braceborough PE9 4NT
  • WING, Top Street Phone Box, Nr Oakham, LE15 8SE (Public Access)