Combined Nutrition/Hypnotherapy Weight Control Programme

Bespoke Nutritional Advice and Hypnosis to combat emotional eating and allow you to take control of your eating behaviour and lose weight

food choices

The programme consists of four hypnotherapy sessions, an in depth nutritional consultation and eight one-to-one weigh-in and assessment/advice sessions.

Visits, which are all conducted on a purely one-on-one basis (no toe-curling group weigh-ins here!) with our resident Hypnotherapist David Balfe, and Nutritional Therapist Sophie Driver, are organised as follows:

  • Initial Visit – a 1¼ hour Nutrition Consutation and a 1 hour Hypnotherapy session (Wednesday afternoon/evening)
  • Followed by two combined sessions at weekly intervals where you have a 20 minute weigh-in and advice/assessment session with the Nutritional Therapist, followed by a full hour of  hypnosis. (Wednesday afternoon/evening)
  • Then 5 sessions, more or less at weekly intervals, with the Nutritional Therapist for a weigh-in and advice/assessment session (Wednesdays afternoon/evening or Thursday morning)
  • The final session consisting of a 20 minute weigh-in and chat with the Nutritional Therapist and a final hour-long hypnotherapy session (Wednesday afternoon/evening).

Where the programme recommends sessions with both practitioners on one day, we will make every effort to organise these session to run concurrently. This is made possible by appointments being booked well in advance, and may not be possible for appointments made a short notice.

It is recommended that the total of 9 sessions be completed over a period of approximately 12-14 weeks.

Cost of the full programme is £450, payable at the outset.