Physiotherapist-led Clinical Pilates Classes

Clinical Pilates classes at The Broad Street Practice are taught by fully trained APPI instructors who are also qualified physiotherapists, giving them the skill and knowledge to work with clients of all levels and the flair and ability to keep classes progressive, interesting and fun.  As physiotherapists we are experienced in assessment and treatment of a variety of clinical presentations.

The small class sizes and expert tuition guarantees the exercises are performed correctly. Your instructor is able to understand any personal and physical challenges and limitations you may have and help you to progress naturally and safely.

Pilates exercises target the deep postural muscles to re-balance the body, build muscle strength and stability and ensure correct postural alignment, which in turn restores natural movement. Pilates helps reshape and strengthen your body and the exercise repertoire consists of exercises to perfect balance between strength, flexibility and improve function. It is also a great way to relieve stress and unwanted tension.

Pilates is the perfect form of exercise for everyone; from the athlete looking to enhance their performance and avoid injury to first-time exercisers or those returning to exercise after injury or illness.

Why join Clinical Pilates?  

  • To complement your clinical physiotherapy treatment.
  • Goal specific exercise – to prepare for an event or challenge or to work on a specific technique or muscle group.
  • Early or late stage exercise rehabilitation.
  • Strengthening work pre- and/or post-surgery.
  • Prehabilitation – to avoid or prevent recurrence of an injury.
  • Managing a chronic injury or issue.
  • Returning to exercise after a long break.
  • Pre and/or Post-natal exercise (particularly if you’ve had pain or complications).
  • Pilates is used for a variety of conditions – Lower back pain, shoulder, hip & knee conditions.
  • To get fitter and stronger using a whole-body approach form of exercise.



Emily Rule MCSP Chartered Physiotherapist

Emily has been teaching Pilates in the Stamford area for 14 years. She trained with the APPI and teaches any level from the casual walker to the more competitive sports person. Click here to see her profile. You can contact Emily by email at