Attending the Practice after lock-down


We are obliged to make stringent efforts to reduce the potential risk of transmission of infection between individuals within the clinic setting. Whilst acknowledging that it is impossible to eliminate risk completely we are implementing new policies and systems to try and make the conduct of our business as safe as possible at this time.

We recognise that there will be a great variation in the levels of concern felt by different individuals attending the practice and ask that everyone is patient, tolerant and understanding towards others with regard to this situation.

As a result of these changes, the experience of visiting the practice will be significantly different from that which patients have been used to…..If you have any questions or concerns after reading this document, please get in touch.

Keeping well

Our practitioners and staff will only be in clinic if they are well and if they have not knowingly had contact with any individuals who have or are suspected of having Covid-19 in the previous 14 days.  All staff and practitioners will be required to sign a declaration of health and have their temperature checked and recorded at the start of each working session. If there is any situation where exposure or infection risk has been increased, the practice will take all necessary steps and will contact any patients who may have potentially been affected.


Recognised symptoms of C-19 include:

      • High Temperature
      • New persistent cough
      • Shortness of breath
      • Sudden onset of intense muscle aches
      • Extreme fatigue
      • Loss or reduction in the senses of taste and smell
      • Nausea, tummy pain, diarrhoea



If you would like an appointment please telephone (01780 480889) or email (info@thebroadstreetpractice) rather than coming into the practice in person.  If you get the answerphone, please ensure you leave a message.  We will get back to you at the first opportunity.

Our practitioners will ususally contact the patient prior to their appointment for a screening phone call to establish risk and vulnerabilities and to decide upon the most appropriate pathway of care. Patients may be offered either a remote telephone or video consultation instead of a face to face appointment.

Patients aged over 70, those who have health issues which put them at increased risk of Covid-19 complications or those living or working with vulnerable or shielding individuals may be managed remotely or if they need to be seen in clinic, special arrangements will be made to reduce their risk.

Clinic hygiene

The practice will be thoroughly cleaned between each clinic session.

Appointment times will be staggered to reduce congestion in the common areas of the practice and gaps will be introduced between appointments to allow for room airing and for practitioners to disinfect the treatment couch, chairs and equipment, attend to self-hygiene and don PPE.

Arriving for your appointment

Please shower/bath before you attend your appointment and wear clean clothes. Please come alone if possible. Please do not arrive early – we are trying to minimise the number of people in the practice at any one time and have carefully planned our schedules to maintain social distancing. Our practitioners will redouble their efforts to run to time (!).

Please sanitise your hands in the lobby of each building before entering.

On arrival, please report to reception.  Our reception desk has biohazard screens in place to protect our reception staff.  Please respect their space and avoid touching the screen. Please be considerate with regard to social distancing with others in the reception. Prior to treatment, all patients will be required to sign a health-declaration.  We reserve the right to take and record a patients’ temperature before agreeing to treat.  Treatments will only proceed if these results/readings are acceptable.

Seating is provided outside and if the weather is not inclement we would prefer it if patients waited outdoors.  (If it is raining, our receptionist will direct you to the most appropriate indoor waiting area).

Your treatment

Your practitioner will be wearing appropriate PPE for your appointment to help keep you and them safe.  What they wear depends on the nature of their work, their level of vulnerability and yours.  It will include a face mask and perhaps also gloves, an apron, a gown or eye protection.  Please bring an appropriate mask or face covering to wear during your treatment. We can supply masks to patients -disposable masks (£1), fabric washable masks (£5) – all money goes to The UK Sepsis Trust.

Please allow your practitioner to open and close the clinic doors for you and avoid, as far as possible, touching anything in the treatment room.  Please keep to a minimum the personal effects you bring with you (bags, coats etc).  A tray will be provided, onto which you can place your keys, phone, jewellery etc during the session. This will be cleaned between appointments.

Your practitioner will endeavour to maintain social distancing, except where closer contact is necessitated by the nature of their work – so you may find you are sitting at a greater distance from the practitioners than usual while conversing and may be asked to perform assessment movements and actions at a distance from your practitioner.

If you need to use the toilet facilities while visiting the practice, please be aware that although the rest room will have been cleaned before the start of the clinic day and at intervals through the day, it may pose a contamination risk. If you are concerned, cleaning materials  are provided to enable you to sanitise contact surfaces to your satisfaction before using the facilities. Please ensure that you wash your hands both before and afterwards.

Payment & Rebooking

Please settle your fees either in advance or when you attend your appointment.  Sanitiser is provided  for patient’s use after handling cash or entering PIN number on the card machine.


We thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times.  These policies will be regularly updated and, in time, relaxed! (Review date 29th July)