Acupuncture Pain Management Clinic

The idea of several people having acupuncture in the same room at the same time is seen as a rather radical and modern concept in the West but in the Far East, where acupuncture has been the mainstay of medicine for the masses, it is how it has always been delivered – to them it is strange to think of receiving acupuncture on a 1-2-1 basis!

Our clinic will be aimed at patients seeking acupuncture for the treatment and management of painful arthritic joints and other chronic (long-standing) pain problems.  Treatment involves placing needles in the arms/hands and lower legs/feet only, so there is no need to undress but patients will need to wear loose clothing, with sleeves that can be pushed up and trousers that can roll up, or skirts which can be lifted slightly – and it would be best to avoid wearing tights!

Acupuncturists can offer this type of service because acupuncture needles generally take 20-45 minutes to do their work, so – provided it is appropriate – the practitioner can place needles in one patient, leave them to relax into their treatment and then move on to another patient.

By treating more than one patient at time, practitioners can significantly reduce the price of each treatment and this in turn allows patients to attend more regularly. For effective treatment and management of arthritic and other chronic pain conditions it is vital that patients have treatment frequently enough and for long enough to get better and stay better. If you only have a few treatments or your treatments are too infrequent, the acupuncture may not build up the momentum to give you the healing you seek.

Our pain management clinic will provide acupuncture to patients seated, so you’ll be on a chair rather than needing to lie down (none of the struggle and indignity of getting on and off a treatment table!) and sitting down is all the better for chatting with your fellow patients!

Some people are concerned about being treated ‘in public’ but in fact studies show, and patients consistently report, that they like the sense of togetherness and humanity they find. Further to this, an energy field or ‘chi’ field is created when several people are treated together and this can enhance the power of one’s healing experience, just as practising yoga or tai-chi alongside several other people can make it seem to flow more easily and more powerfully than when doing it alone.

The vast majority of patients feel very comfortable receiving acupuncture in this setting. Privacy is not normally a problem and our practitioners will be considerate but you need to appreciate that it is ‘community’ acupuncture and others will see your arms and legs! Our acupuncturist will let you know if he feels you would be better receiving one-to-one treatment for whatever reason.

The Acupuncture Pain Management Clinic at The Broad Street Practice will be run by our Acupuncturist Duncan Ford.  It will be held at 22 Broad Street, on Friday mornings from 9.00 – 12.00

THE CLINIC WILL START IN DECEMBER 2018  – exact date to be announced. If you would like to be contacted when the start date is finalised, please let us know.

Some bookable appointments will be available or patients can choose to drop-in for treatment without an appointment but it may be necessary to wait to be seen!

We expect to be able to have up to 5 or 6 patients at a time receiving treatment. There will be seating for patients who are waiting and there might even be some drinks and biscuits!


Initial visit and registration – £25 (must be booked)

(All patients will be required to bring a completed questionnaire to their first session – this will be available to download here in due course, or copies will be available from the practice reception.)

Booked appointments – £20 each

Drop-in treatments – £15 each